O&J Energy is among the pioneers in the oil and gas sector and in the windmill industry. After more than four decades of close cooperation with the oil and gas operators in the North Sea a unique knowhow has been established as far as repair and service of generators, electrical motors and pumps are concerned. Among our specialties are EX motors and pumps that meet the demands of the ATEX directive. Many years of close cooperation with the trade and its operators have led to a great number of certificates that give us a unique access to repairing motors and pumps from the leading suppliers of the oil and gas sector. Besides several classification companies have qualified O&J Energy to classify electric motors and generators.

We have also played an important part in the windmill industry from the early 1980s. We have a close cooperation with producers, windmill owners and insurance companies that depend on our insight and experience within damage to generators, repairs and maintenance.

Apart from our electromechanical workshop we have a machine workshop that offers machine work, metal spraying, repair of mechanical seals and balancing rotating material.